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No, not Van Gogh… Van Goatee.

As in this Van Goatee!

Yours truly, Glenn’s cat!

I am Vincent Van Goatee, or “Vinnie”, Glenn’s apprentice, critic, and confidant.

I have lain across practically every drawing, viewed progress from my cozy perch over his shoulder and, sometimes, watched from on top of his head. I have been smack in the middle of every mockup and dreamt up new ideas while sleeping on canvas, paper, and paintings. On occasion, I have dipped myself in the palette for a ravishing new look (People can give themselves a purple hair-do, so why not cats–?) I test “quality control” by monitoring the delicate, unique bouquet that distinguishes every jar of paint water. My signature paw print, when found on one of his paintings, is certification that he has met my standards, and the painting is approved.

After countless hours and several years of telepathic coaxing, I have convinced Glenn to feature me in a new root painting titled, “Rootling Bros. Circus.” With my supervision of his brushstrokes, he shall be able to imitate my likeness but not, alas! my purr-rr-fection. To experience that, one has to be in my personal company.

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1926 Ford Model-T

1928 Willys Knight

1929 Ford Model A Sedan

1929 Cadillac 341-B

1929 Hudson

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After the Storm, Red Sunset

My very first car painting was this one.  I enjoyed painting this older-model truck, but the sky was my inspiration for this painting.  I had decided to experiment with the technique of  pouring paint from a saucer; meaning, the sky was poured onto the paper; no paintbrush was used for that. I had to plan carefully and make several pours, and tilt the stretched paper to cause the paint to run and blend together.  The resulting richness of color surprised me!  I  hope that you might enjoy it, also.

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